Schiller Park, IL February 2013

Prostitutes were allegedly detained in a suburban Schiller Park home, driven to and from sex jobs, and if they misbehaved, were deprived of the drugs that their ringleader, Keith “Shampoo” Williams had hooked them on, authorities said Friday.

Williams, 52, of Schiller Park, also allegedly urinated on the women to punish them

At least six women were identified as human trafficking victims of Williams, his accused chauffeur, Roman Kurek, 49, and the alleged lead prostitute, Sylvia Topolewski, 37, who served the women on an actual silver platter, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said.

The three, who shared a blond brick two-flat in the near northwest suburb, all are charged with involuntary servitude, a felony charge that carries a possible prison sentence of up to 30 years, and with human trafficking. Kurek faces an additional charge of promoting prostitution, and Topolewski of prostitution, Alvarez said at a news conference. Williams is being held on $650,000 bail; the other two on $350,000 each.

“What started out as a standard investigation into drugs and prostitution quickly evolved into something which was much more complex,” she said, flanked by Schiller Park police and the others who worked the eight-month undercover investigation. “Keith Williams was the chief operating officer of a sex trafficking house of horrors, providing the sexual services and drug-addicted women to countless numbers of paying customers and collecting all of the significant cash profits for himself and his associates.”

Alvarez said at least six women have been identified and offered assistance though the county’s Human Trafficking Initiative, but more are believed to exist. Anyone with information should call Schiller Park police at (847) 678-4794.


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